HIve Happenings

Check out what\'s happening in the SoBee Honey Hives.

Spring is here and so are our products…

07 May

We have finally emerged from another challenging winter here in Wood County. Our Ladies overwintered a bit better than last years colonies, so the possibility of an early June honey harvest is promising. We are happy to announce several new partnerships between SoBee Honey and fellow local businesses. Our honey is available at the following […]

‘Tis the season for cut comb

09 September

Cut comb, or comb honey, is one of honey-lovers’ delights and one of beekeepers’ challenges. You see, it is up to the bees to create this masterpiece. Frames of thin, wax foundation are inserted among frames with wired foundation in hopes the bees will fill and cap both sides. SoBee’s bees did a wonderful job […]

First swarm of the season

12 June

Our first swarm call this season resulted in much more than a simple cluster removal for Mike and Aaron. The location of the swarm made it very easy to slip the branch and lower the cluster into a hive box. Brett and Larry from Hot House Glass not only provided us with a fine cluster […]

Mid-winter peek at the bees

20 February

Nestled along the scenic Maumee River and protected by a hedge of mature cypress trees is the cozy home of Bee Yard #2. This site currently hosts 10 colonies who feast on tasty Ohio wild flowers. On Valentine’s Day Mike made a feeding trip to visit the ladies. As you can see, they were eager […]

…the hive is captured

16 February

As the fellas continued to cut and remove drywall, it was clear that the mature colony had built over seven feet of comb, which needed to be removed. Six walls of comb needed to be removed from the ceiling. As Dwight methodically cut and removed the comb, Mike and Aaron banded it to top bar […]

First winter hive removal

09 February

  It was a first for us…a winter hive removal! Mike, Dwight (one of his mentors and fellow beekeepers), and Aaron were invited to remove a hive comfortably clustered (the bee term for all the bees gathering in one clump to stay warm) in the ceiling of an old farmhouse undergoing renovation. The brisk winter […]

Looking Forward to Our Second Year

22 January

It is hard to believe it is January 21st. This month has been a typical wintery month in northern Ohio. We have nearly reached our annual average snowfall, endured windchill temperatures in the -30’s, and watched 30mph wind gusts blow snow over many of our rural roads. Our local schools were closed for an entire […]

Mike’s On-site Interview on TV!

24 August

It’s true…Mike and Don Schooner, Schooner Farms, were guests on Toledo’s WTOL-11 9:00 morning show last week. “Mallory Moore at bee keeping classes” It’s a sweet way to spend 4 minutes. News, Weather To view the interview visit the following URL:

Our first swarm…what a doozer!

20 July

Things were a buzz at the annual SoBee 4th of July Celebration this year. Early in the morning of July 5th we received a call to remove our first hive. Mike and Mikel, Remington, and Hunter from Mo Beez (Delmar, Iowa) suited up and headed southwest of Bowling Green. Nestled about 20-25 feet in a […]