SoBee Honey’s mission is to engage in chemical-free hive management to support and sustain an active and healthy bee population in northwest Ohio. This means we go to great lengths to ensure our bees are healthy, which results in the finest wild flower honey you will ever taste. We extract, filter, and bottle our own honey straight from the comb to maintain the most natural state possible, so it is chemical-free, unheated and unprocessed. This method preserves the enzymes and micronutrients, so it is like eating honey right off the comb.

You might ask, “Why should I buy SoBee Honey rather than honey from the grocery store? Aren’t they the same?” The answer is a resounding, “NO!” Recent research and national news agencies have reported that much of the commercial honey may not be pure honey. Recent testing by Food Safety News revealed that nearly all the commercially-produced honey they tested contained no pollen which is an essential ingredient in honey (see for more information). FDA regulations allow commercial honey producers to add as much as 15% high fructose corn syrup and still call it honey. The Feds recently busted commercial companies importing unregulated honey from China (see and for more information) because it is cheaper. Be sure to ask your local beekeeper where his/her bees typically forage. If they are located near farms that use chemicals to fertilize and control pests and weeds, then you will likely be eating honey with the same chemicals.

We sell our honey in a variety of sizes (8oz bears, 24oz bears, 1/2 pint jars, pint jars, quart jars, 1-lb tubs of creamed honey),  by the pound if you have your own container, and in bulk. Please contact us for the latest prices.


We also provide honey extraction for $0.45/pound. Customers are deliver their comb to SoBee Honey and provide their own containers. Please call for an appointment.


We produce, filter, and process our own chemical-free beeswax. The wax is melted using a solar wax melter and filtered at least twice. The first filter is a cloth mesh that catches large debris. The second filter is a very fine mesh to ensure your wax is ready for use. It is a rich deep yellow color and smells sweet enough to eat….but don’t eat it! Currently, we are selling 1-pound bars that are perfect for candle making, lip balm, waxing needles and other leather-working tools, and a variety of crafts. Wax sells quickly, so please call ahead to ensure we have enough wax on hand to meet your needs.


Bee removal is both art and science, making each removal unique. Fees for removal are determined by the following factors: location of the hive, size of the hive, distance to the hive. The price list below should only be used as an estimate.

Basic service call fee – $35 plus mileage

Additional fees for more unique removals:

  • Location of the hive – varies on difficulty of reaching the hive
  • Size of the hive
  • Any fees associated with removal of the hive
  • Distance


We enjoy sharing our passion for beekeeping with others. Our presentation is flexible enough to fit into any program. If you, your school, or your club/group is interested in a presentation on backyard beekeeping, please contact us.


Another area very near and dear to our heart is sharing our knowledge and experience with others. We offer a variety of opportunities to help hobbyists begin their beekeeping journey. Beginner beekeeping classes, advanced beekeeping classes, and 3 apprenticeship programs (The Drone, The Worker, and The Queen) with Mike are just three ways we provide training. We are also willing to entertain other options, so give us a call or send us an email if you are interested in signing up for the next class or have an idea of how we can help you become a successful beekeeper.