Our office is located in Bowling Green, OH, with apiaries throughout Wood County.

SoBee Honey began in October 2012 with two hives and big visions. We began selling our chemical-free honey locally. Our raw wildflower honey is extracted, screened, and bottled using only enough heat to maintain the temperature of the honey as it is found in the hive. This method preserves the delicate enzymes, pollen, and nutrients naturally found in honey. Likewise, our wax is melted, screened, filtered, and formed using a solar wax method.

Currently, our raw honey and wax business is conducted locally. This provides us with plenty of time to maintain our commitment to locally-grown foods and CSAs (community supported agriculture), to work our hives, to apprentice new beekeepers, and to prepare other bee products, such as wax.

Our vision for SoBee Honey continues to expand beyond honey production. We provide several bee-related services, education classes, and presentations while maintaining over 50 hives. SoBee Honey may be purchased at the following retail, locally-owned businesses: Calico, Sage, and Thyme (Bowling Green), A Taste of Amish (Bowling Green), Beeker’s General Store (Pemberville), J & M Carryout (Portage/Rudolf), Bowling Green Chiropractic (Bowling Green), and through Weber Ranch, LLC (Wayne).